Graham Parker - your publicist

Wow, you've done it!

You've crossed the finishing line of one of the toughest tests in human endeavour - writing a book.

Now relax, put your feet up, and let Read or Dead take over.

We're here to make your work a success, bringing it to the attention of a massive national audience.

We will throw all our creative genius, media mastery, marketing nous, sheer bloody-mindedness and brilliant contacts into giving your book every opportunity of becoming a bestseller.

That's why we call ourselves Read or Dead; after all, you weren't bashing the keyboard until the early hours month after month just to entertain your friends and family. You want your work to be enjoyed - and bought! - by as many people as possible, certainly thousands, if not millions.

Of course, we can't promise sales but we can guarantee exposure. We have the ways and means in abundance to make that happen.

At Read or Dead we work with established writers and new names, of both fiction and non-fiction work.

We spread the word about your words through PR, social media, internet marketing and profile development. We build a highly effective website for you, generate reviews of your work, and keep your fans happy and motivated.

You will find our fees affordable and incredible value for money.

The absolute minimum we aim to achieve is for to you recoup all your investment in our services through increased sales. However, our ambitions for you are much, much bigger.

Yes, your readers are out there, so let's start building YOUR fanbase today.

Call me Graham Parker on 01225 650060 or 020 3533 3875 for a FREE confidential chat about your aspirations.